The Bible Says

Cedar Lane Chapel is happy to make this offer to you via the internet. For years, we have shared the truth of the Bible through our
mail-in Bible correspondence school all over the southeast. Now we make the same offer to the world!


We will ship you, FREE OF CHARGE, a beautiful new gift Bible, upon your completion of all of
the online Bible study guides in all three of our curriculum areas: The Science of Salvation (9
lessons; Doctrines and Issues (17 lessons); and Understanding Bible Prophecy (13 lessons), along
with your pledge to read all of the supplemental materials (at your own pace, in your own good

If you have always wanted to understand the Word of God for YOURSELF, this course is for
YOU! It is NOT designed to give you all the answers, but to help you find, FOR YOURSELF,
what the answers are, FROM GOD'S OWN WORD!

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