The Reading Room

Steps to Christ

Whether you desire to become a Christian, or would like to have a deeper relationship with your Lord, this book is filled with
practical information to draw you closer to the Savior. These are the real foundation basics of loving and serving God. You
will not only love Him more after reading this book, but you will realize more than ever, just how much God loves you!

The Desire of Ages

The Desire of Ages is all about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. A layman's commentary on the gospel accounts of the
Savior's life and minstry. Filled with insight, this book is without a doubt the greatest work on the life of Christ aside from the
Scriptures themselves. This book will touch your heart and bring you closer to Jesus!

The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy may be the most important book you ever read, aside from the Bible itself. This book deals with the
prophecies concerning God's people right down to the very end of time. What will happen? This book is a must read for all
who consider themselves students of prophecy. By understanding history, we can know with surety what we will be facing in
the days ahead!

Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing

This book is based on the greatest sermon ever preached! Jesus Himself gave us the words recorded in the sermon on the
mount. What wonderful blessings await YOU in this book which simply yet profoundly looks at the teachings of Jesus in this
great sermon. Go back in your imagination and sit with the disciples on the mountainside. Understand the words that Jesus
gave to His disciples of old, but which are meant just as much for His disciples of today.

The Antichrist

An excellent work by Elder Lawrence Nelson. This book gives you all the Scriptural evidence you need to know the truth
about the identity of the Antichrist!

National Sunday Law

A great short book that shows the identity of the beast of Revelation 13, as well as the mark of the beast, the image to the
beast, 666 and the rest.