The Bible Says
Online Bible Study School
We are offering three courses of study at this time. It is our sincere desire
that you will make good use of the materials in this section, for this is the
purpose for which we exist. At Cedar Lane Chapel Ministries, we want to
encourage God's people to study the Bible, for themselves, that they might
become acquainted with God's Word for His last day people.

To get the most from this Bible study experience, you will want to  do all the
lessons and readings in the order that they are presented here. Each of the
studies will serve as a stand alone lesson on the various topics, but they have
been arranged so that they will build, like one stone upon another in the
building of a beautiful wall. One study will make a foundation for another.
Even the sections are placed in order of importance. The subject of salvation is
always the starting point for a perfect understanding of the Bible; next
doctrine; and finally the prophetic word. Doctrine is meaningless, unless we
first give our hearts to Jesus. Likewise, the prophecies will do us no good,
unless we first dedicate our lives to following the doctrines of God's Word.

Please begin by going through
"The Science of Salvation" section first.
Studying the Bible is somewhat like building a house. Remember Jesus told
us to build our houses on the solid Rock, and
"The Science of Salvation"
helps us to do just that. Then and only then, are we ready to learn more about
what God expects from His people in
"Doctrines and Issues." And then we
will be prepared to take a sweeping look at "HISstory&quot from the past and
into the future in
"Understanding Bible Prophecy."

Remember, if you take one piece out of the puzzle and make your judgment
of the "BIG" picture, you will get a very narrow look at it. BUT, if you put the
puzzle together, one piece at a time, and diligently continue until you have
all the pieces, you will be able to see the "BIG" picture in all it's wonderful

Always remember to have prayer before you study! God's Holy Spirit is the
most important ingredient for successful Bible study!